November 11 - December 16, 2013 
WelcomeThe IM staff, missionaries and special assistants wish you a blessed Christmas season.  We thank God for your participation in the ministries of IM in 2013. 
Hundreds of Baptists from the U.S. and around the world made an historic pilgrimage to the country  of  Myanmar on December 5-8, 2013. The very special occasion was a celebration of the 200th anniversary of the arrival of Adoniram and Ann Judson in Burma (as Myanmar was called at that time) in July of 1813.  <<Read more>>

This is the 2nd such Forum jointly organized by the China Christian Council, the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The first was held two years ago in Washington, DC with about 50 participants. This week's Forum had about 100 participants.   <<Read more>> 

Are you age 70 ½ or older and have more money in your IRA than you need? Here's a way that you may be able to avoid a higher tax bill by transferring up to $100,000 tax-free from your IRAs directly to International Ministries.  <<Read more>> 

IM missionaries serving in the Philippines, Debbie Mulneix and Jonathan and Thelma Nambu, report that relief efforts are beginning to take effect in the typhoon-stricken areas in this Southeast Asian country. Located in and near Manila, the missionaries are safe as this part of the Philippines was mildly affected.  << Read more>>
Super typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippine islands on November 8th with devastating force. The Philippine Red Cross estimates that at least 3,600 people were killed by the storm. That number could grow as officials make their way to remote areas made nearly inaccessible by Haiyan.  International Ministries missionaries in the Philippines, Debbie Mulneix and Jonathan and Thelma Nambu, have been contacted by IM and are safe. 
In response to this disaster, $10,000 in emergency relief funds is being sent from One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) to help victims of this massive typhoon. <<Read more>>


Life of the Banyan tree and the life of the Church by Ivy Wu Released on December 16, 2013


Family Time and Pastors by Sarah McCurdy Released on December 15, 2013


Out of Our Comfort Zones by Rev. Cheryl Jones Released on December 13, 2013


So How DO I Donate to the Work in Congo? by Tim Rice Released on December 12, 2013


Released on December 12, 2013


Comforting where we can by Kihomi Ngwemi Released on December 11, 2013


The Judson Legacy Continues by Dan Buttry 

 Released on December 11, 2013


When our own hands are the enemy bKihomi Ngwemi Released on December 10, 2013


Please Don't Name a Hippo After Me by Tim Rice Released on December 9, 2013


Education is the answer by Nzunga MabudigaKihomi Ngwemi    

Released on December 9, 2013


From Despair to Celebration by Nzunga Mabudiga, Kihomi Ngwemi Released on December 8, 2013


The Father's Heart for the Orphaned and Abandoned by Annie Dieselberg Released on December 8, 2013


That´s Dedication! by Susan Hegarty Released on December 7, 2013


Noah's Ark Church School by Leslie Turley Released on December 7, 2013


New Paths for the New Year by Kim Kushner Dominguez Released on December 6, 2013


Christmas and Kingdom Ad Campaigns by Kyle Williams Released on December 5, 2013


Seeking... / Desvivirse... by Mayra Giovanetti, Carlos Bonilla, Irina Sorrels Released on December 4, 2013


The Marriage Dare by Joyce Reed Released on December 4, 2013


Sister Willienne's Ministry by Nzunga MabudigaKihomi Ngwemi 

Released on December 3, 2013


An Elephant Ride on Thanksgiving by Nancy James Released on December 2, 2013


On the Road to Chiang Rai, Thailand by Nancy James Released on December 2, 2013


On the Road in Thailand by Nancy James, Stephen James 
Released on December 2, 2013


Learning New Tricks by Larry Martin Released on December 1, 2013


Jump for Joy! by Ann BorquistBruce Borquist Released on November 29, 2013


The Lord of the Harvest by Glen Chapman Released on November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving!! by Kathy Charland Released on November 28, 2013


2013 Litany of Thanks by Mylinda Baits Released on November 27, 2013


Monday, Monday by Stan Slade Released on November 27, 2013


Thank You for Everything! by Annie Dieselberg Released on November 27, 2013


The Ministry of Encouragement by Nzunga Mabudiga, Kihomi Ngwemi Released on November 26, 2013


To the Judson 200th Anniversary by Duane Binkley Released on November 26, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving by Chuck ShawverRamona Shawver Released on November 26, 2013


No One to Blame by Nzunga Mabudiga, Kihomi Ngwemi Released on November 25, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving from the McCurdys! by Peter McCurdy Released on November 25, 2013


Healthcare Financing by Katherine Niles Released on November 24, 2013


Women Leading Becoming More Accepted by Kihomi Ngwemi 

Released on November 21, 2013


The Jersey - Johannesburg Connection by Rev. Cheryl Jones

Released on November 21, 2013


Traveling by Kim Brown  Released on November 20, 2013


Women of Lascohabas Baptist Lead the Way by Nzunga Mabudiga, Kihomi Ngwemi Released on November 20, 2013


From Shy to Leader thru Mentoring by Nzunga Mabudiga, Kihomi Ngwemi Released on November 19, 2013


What I Hardly Dared to Believe has Happened! by Kathy Rice 

Released on November 19, 2013


Find Out What "Trafkintun" Means by Barbara Bolick Released on November 18, 2013


NYC, Cuba, & President Obama by Kim Kushner Dominguez Released on November 18, 2013 


The Chain that Links Africa to China to Thailand is Breaking by Annie Dieselberg Released on November 18, 2013


Water now on both sides of the road by Nzunga Mabudiga, Kihomi Ngwemi Released on November 15, 2013


Accessible Love by Jorge Damasceno Released on November 15, 2013

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Main Photo Caption:

This Lisu couple was among the estimated 30,000 people taking part in the 200th anniversary celebration of the arrival of Adoniram and Ann Judson to Myanmar. The Lisu is an ethic tribal group in Myanmar.

Photo by Reid Trulson

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